Globers offers a pleiad of aeronautical software to facilitate rapid and accurate operational calculations. With 31 years of flying experience, we offer consultation services, operational test & evaluation , and thinking outside the box solutions.

Globers is Improving Flight Safety

The Flight Safety Foundation’s May 2009 Report on the Runway Safety Initiative entitled “Reducing the Risk of Runway Excursions” reported that from 1995 to 2008:

•commercial transport aircraft were involved in 1 429 accidents,

•30 percent (431) occurred on runways, and

•97 percent of these were runway excursions.

A runway excursion occurs when an aircraft fails to confine its takeoff or landing to the designated runway. This may result from the aircraft undershooting or over-running the runway during landing, the aircraft failing to become airborne in the available runway during takeoff or a loss of directional control during takeoff or landing. Globers is your solution in providing your flight crews with the TOLD data they require for a safe flight.

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TOLD Solution is the Flight planNing SOTFWARE that will keep from becoming a statistic.